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Bosch offices lit by Philips

Bosch, Germany

Find out how Bosch is using office lighting to create a productive work atmosphere and save energy.

As a leader in innovation in several areas, we set high standards when it comes to third-party products too. This is why we chose the new CoreLine LED luminaires, which meet our exact standards for light quality and cost-effectiveness.
-Günter Obwieser, Head of Facility Management, Robert Bosch GmbH, Munich Factory
Open office area at Bosch, Germany, lit with Philips lighting

Customer challenge

Bosch is helping to shape history. For 125 years, its name has been synonymous with future-proof inventions and the technology of tomorrow. Today, it is committed to supporting the environment and society in its work. As part of its renovations in the Munich factory’s offices, it sought a global lighting solution.

The right lighting

Bosch needed a lot out of its office lighting. The new system would have to integrate with the room architecture and achieve significant energy and maintenance savings at a low investment cost. It was vital that the lighting would be easily controllable and offer high comfort for employees.

We conducted a pilot project to showcase the strengths of LED. Coreline Recessed LED Luminaires were installed, bringing pleasant light to 240m2 of office space and private rooms. The lights, which integrate well with the building architecture, also deliver glare-free illumination that aids concentration in employees.

The lighting is controlled using OccuSwitch DALI multi-sensors. The sensors automatically switch on and dim the light in the open-plan office depending on occupancy and available daylight. This creates additional energy savings as light is only turned on when and where it is required. Smart solutions, lasting impact.

The new office lighting systems have reduced electricity consumption by 52%. With optimum use of the daylight and occupancy functions, energy savings of up to 72% will be achieved. After five years, the cost savings will exceed€ 15,000 or € 126 per month, and annual CO2 emissions will be reduced by at least 8 tons.

Helping colleagues stay focused

Helping colleagues  stay focused

The team

Robert Bosch GmbH , Gasoline Systems


Günter Obwieser, Robert Bosch GmbH

Facility Management

Martin Stark, Dirk Seifert


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