Crystal clear Energy savings

Modern lighting for office by Philips

Audi Offices, Germany

Find out how Audi is saving money through energy-efficient office lighting

The decision to fit the entire third floor of our office with LED lighting was one of the best of the year. We’re also making clear energy savings through the innovative lighting management. In addition, our colleagues feel great in the new atmosphere and are more motivated than ever.
-Bernhard Schneider, Head of Planning Department
Meeting points at Audi offices, Germany, lit with Philips office lighting
Increase productivity in the workplace with Philips office lighting

Customer challenge

Audi AG is an automotive legend. With a long tradition and unique history, which dates back to 1901, it is world famous for its use of technology – indeed, the company slogan actually translates to ‘Advancement through Technology’. In line with its commitment to innovation, Audi sought a modernized light system for its refurbished office.

The right lighting

Keeping up with Audi’s high standards required something special. Not only did the three-storey, 1500m2 building need to have a productive work environment, but the new lights also had to be energy-efficient and compliant with regulations.

LED Lighting was the solution. The new system was centred around the new PowerBalance recessed luminaire, which distributes light evenly around the workspace, with excellent color rendering and glare-free operation. We installed 248 PowerBalance units across the office, along with 72 LuxSpace units. The additional downlights can be easily dimmed so that staff can tailor the ambience to their liking.

Not only are the new luminaires compliant with all workplace standards, but they create a pleasing and productive atmosphere for the staff. In addition, the up-to-date office lighting and controls have greatly reduced energy consumption and C02 emissions. .

The new luminaires and smart office lighting controls will bring Audi energy savings of up to 50%. In addition, the lamps have a service life of 50,000 hours, compared to the 15,000 life of conventional lamps, delivering further savings on maintenance.

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