Adding character to a store

Jumbo Foodmarkt the Netherlands

Discover how sustainable supermarket lighting is improving the shopping experience at Jumbo.

We pulled out all the stops to invest the entire store approach with a sustainable character. In the area of lighting we again wanted the very best. The lighting had to be dynamic, atmospheric, subtle and low in energy consumption. We found the perfect lighting partner in Philips, in our opinion the most experienced, reliable and innovative party by a mile.
- Herman Beldman, manager technical format development Jumbo Supermarkets
Philips lighting illuminating meat to show the freshness at Jumbo Foodmarkt, the Netherlands
Philips lighting illuminating fish to show the freshness at Jumbo Foodmarkt, the Netherlands
The restaurant within the supermarket illuminated with Philips modern LED lighting

Customer challenge

The Jumbo Foodmarkt in Breda is a masterpiece of modern retail. Spanning 6000m2 and carrying 35,000 products, it offers customers the most extensive assortment in the Netherlands. How could Philips inject some sustainable character into the store?

The right lighting

Shopping at Jumbo is an experience. The food market carries the most extensive assortment of products in the Netherlands, and comes complete with a chocolatier, in-store bakery, coffee roaster and café. Management wanted to find a lighting solution that would be sustainable, and give the store a unique character. One particular challenge was lighting the décor, which employed exterior concepts like bricks and wooden signage. It was clear that artificial light would not work here.

An LED concept was the answer. Our next-generation fixtures provide illumination that feels like daylight, giving the store an outside market feel. Maxos LED was used in the grocery aisles, providing clear navigation for customers. StyliD was used to highlight product groups and draw attention to special offer displays.

In the checkout and traffic areas, LuxSpace downlights were used to provide clear visibility for staff, while ensuring customers feel comfortable even when about to leave the store. For general lighting, ExactEffect lights enhance the shopping experience with a welcoming, glare-free glow. In the deli section, purpose-designed StyliD Rose lamps light the meat products without causing any discoloration.

All goals have been met, as the store now has a unique lighting concept that adds character and makes products appear more tempting. In addition, the LED lighting consumes 25% less energy than other Jumbo stores, and requires less maintenance.

Introducing a sustainable system

Introducing a sustainable system

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Jumbo Supermarkets


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