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    Professional Services

    Lighting insights and customized design

    professional lighting services - how to design lighting

    Audit and Design Services


    Excellent lighting starts with an expert plan. To help you make an informed decision, Philips will begin by assessing how well your current lighting equipment matches your lighting needs. We’ll perform a detailed audit of your organization, facility or project. The data collected on-site will inform an optimized lighting design to meet your requirements – now and in the future.

    Philips Lighting consulting services

    Consulting Services


    Knowing what you want your lighting to deliver is one thing – knowing how to get there is another. With the help of Philips consulting services, we’ll co-create the most effective long-term lighting plan – which can be anything from a straightforward LED retrofit to a completely new installation. We’ll also assist you in creating a compelling business case and propose financing options to free up cash for your core business activities.


    Once you’ve set the priorities and targets for your new lighting installation, our consulting services will help you fill in the details. This includes the use of a detailed user-experience design, visualizations of the final installation, and mock-ups.

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