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    Heritage LED retrofit kit

    Upgrading your traditional luminaire installation base to a more energy-efficient, future-proof LED alternative.

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    Heritage LED retrofit kit
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        Product family information

        Specially designed for conventional luminaires and first generation LED variants, our IP66 heritage LED retrofit kit delivers several powerful advantages: existing installations become more energy-efficient, and safer, with a more reliable enclosure rating (IP66). In addition, the historical or traditional aesthetic of the luminaire is completely preserved. Thanks to its dedicated passe-partouts range, the heritage LED kit enables a quick and easy retrofit in our conventional (or LED) Villa, Jargeau, Micenas 1 and 2 luminaires while a universal and adjustable passe-partout completes the range and enables retrofit in most of other types of squarish luminaires, including non-Philips luminaires. The heritage LED retrofit kit comes with a wide range of application-tailored optics, enabling point-to-point replacement of conventional light sources. Its high-performing Philips Ledgine optimized LED platform enables significant cost savings compared to conventional street lighting, and offers a short payback period. The heritage LED retrofit kit offers a large choice of standard warm color temperatures, this helps ensure that the installation retains the warm atmosphere of sodium lamps. The heritage LED retrofit kit is designed for customers looking for ways to cut their energy and maintenance costs with an easy-to-install solution while preserving the historical aesthetic of their installations. It also makes luminaires ready for future upgrades.


        Dedicated or adjustable solution, ready for future upgrades: designed to last over time and able to accommodate technological change
        Energy-efficient luminaire: saves energy costs of up to 40 - 60% compared to old conventional installation
        Reliable and long lifetime: reduced maintenance costs and longer lifetime - up to 100K hours


        IP66 LED retrofit kit, both driver and optical unit, for maximum safety and reliability over long lifetime
        Easy adaptation to any squarish heritage luminaire: dedicated passe-partout (Villa, Jargeau, Micenas 1 & 2 product families) or adjustable one (for luminaires sizes between 305x305 mm up to 405x405 mm - luminaire inner dimensions)
        Large choice of color temperatures: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
        Easy and quick installation on site
        Further optimization on performance flux level enabled by the Philips L-Tune


        Road and Street
        Parks and Plazas

        Warning & Safety

        With the exception of integration of this product in Philips Jargeau, Villa or Micenas 1 luminaire, conventional or LED variants, Signify N.V. cannot accept any liability with regards to the mechanical fixation of this product into any other luminaire or on/in any other mounting construction, and to all fixation related aspects. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that this product is mounted and fixed in a safe and reliable manner.
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