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    The quality of Philips LED light is evident by its high color rendering value, meaning colors remain true and natural, always.


    LED light can enhance your home’s interior and bring colors to life. A Philips LED bulb is designed to look and feel like traditional bulbs, but with the benefits of advanced LED technology inside. This includes a high color rendering index, or CRI. Not only will colors remain true, the quality of light output will also remain stable throughout the lifetime of the bulb – meaning you’ll enjoy beautiful light and natural colors for years to come.

    LED bulb CRI quality of light

    What is the color rendering index?


    The effect of a light source on color appearance is measured in the color rendering index (CRI), on a scale of 0-100. Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard of comparison for any other light source.

    The CRI of Philips LED lighting products is always higher than 80, close to the sun’s value. Colors are reflected truly and naturally. The illustrations to the left show how CRI can affect the appearance of color. When shopping for bulbs, look for a high CRI to get the best color.
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