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        Philips surge protection devices are the ideal solution to the challenge of using LEDs in outdoor lighting. The SPD protects the entire system against high surges that can occur due to, for example, lightning strikes. Essential for LED systems installed in high-risk areas, the advantages of using the SPD are not only limited to LED systems. The product can be used in any new or existing lighting solution, regardless of technology. A choice can be made between parallel SPDs (if the SPD is broken, the light remains on) and serial SPDs (if the SPD is broken, the light will switch off.


        Maximise the lifetime value of outdoor lighting systems
        No downtime due to natural disasters (storms, lightning strikes, etc.)
        Lower maintenance costs and easy to apply in new or existing installations


        Resistant to peaks and surges of up to 10 kA/10 kV
        Suitable for insulation Class I luminaires
        Xtreme standard: Long lifetime, robust protection against moisture, vibration and temperature extremes


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