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        Product family information

        SmartBright ST031T is a new design projector with nice look and feel and reliable quality, bringing an excellent user experience to end users.


        Nice look and feelBrighter and more reliable quality


        CRI80Integrated design2,000 lm, 3,000 lm21 W, 33 W15°,36°30 khrs (L70B50@25 °C)1C (3 wires)




        Shops, Residential, Studios, Hotels

        Warning & Safety

        The luminaire should be installed by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEC-60364-7-714 regulations. 灯具应由有资格的电工安装,接线应符合IEC-60364-7-714标准或国家标准。 2. Do not switch on the luminaire before installation is fully completed. 操作前请务必切断电源。 3. Before using and when the luminaire is switched on, earthing is required. 灯具使用前,必须先接地。整个使用过程中,也必须确保灯具始终接地。 4. The luminaire should be replaced immediately if any crack or deterioration happens. 若灯具破损,请勿继续使用。 5. The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life, the whole luminaire shall be replaced. 此灯具的光源是不可替换的;当光源到其寿终时,应替换整个光源。 6. Corrosive atmospheres or hazardous materials such as sulphur, chlorine, phthalates, etc. must be avoided during the use and storage. 灯具避免在腐蚀性环境或者含有有害物质,例如硫化物,卤化物,邻苯二甲酸酯等环境中存储和使用。
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