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    GreenSpace Accent Projector

    GreenSpace Accent Projector – A flexible and affordable all-rounder for retail applications

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    GreenSpace Accent Projector
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        Product family information

        Thanks to the GreenSpace Accent family, retailers and building operators can enjoy the superior quality of light and market-leading energy-efficiency of PerfectAccent optics for a reasonable initial investment. The new PerfectAccent optics also provide sparkle on the merchandise and improve shopper eye comfort. The GreenSpace Accent Projector can seamlessly integrate with 3C- and DALI-tracks, Coreline Trunking and Maxos fusion. Installation and repositioning are quick and easy and require no additional tools. For fashion and food retailers, the GreenSpace Accent Projector is available with special LED flavours and Fresh food LED recipes to show the merchandise in the very best light. Check out our Fashion and Food catalogue pages to find out more about PremiumWhite, PremiumColor, Fresh Meat, Rosé, Frost and Champagne.


        •Clean, robust and neutral design
        •Increased sparkle and shopper eye comfort with PerfectAccent optics
        •High energy-efficiency, maintained over the full lifetime of the product


        •Tool-less installation and repositioning on Track (ST321T), Coreline trunking (ST321Y; a double spot-head version) or Maxos fusion (ST321S)
        •Available with a high flux up to 4,900 lm, a wide range of optics, optional front glass and barn door accessories
        •Retail LED flavours and Fresh food LED recipes included
        •Very broad aiming flexibility, including upward lighting
        •Available for normal mains (PSU), simple DALI dimming (PSD), Interact-compatible DALI (DIA) and indoor positioning (DIA-VLC)


        •Compatible with Interact Retail store and multisite
        •Compatible with Interact Retail indoor navigation



        Warning & Safety

        •All photometrical data is calculated without optional front glass. Flux should be reduced by 3.5% when using a front glass
        •Cleaning of the optic is only allowed with pressurised air. Touching the LED or reflector is forbidden. For food preparation areas and areas with high levels of dust, use of the optional front glass is strongly advised, as it can be cleaned with a (dry) microfibre cloth.
        •During manipulation and/or maintenance, the product must be switched off and cooled down
        •The product must be installed out of arm’s reach. Manipulating the product when hot is only possible with an insulating glove
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