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    Intermark Sistemi

    Intermark Sistemi

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    Intermark Sistemi was founded in 1972 as an engineering company with the mission to realize electronic systems. Today is a distributor of world famous brands in control systems; offers: pre/post -sales, consulting and training services. Main applications are: auditorium, conference rooms, operations centers, offices, hotels. Other applications are: shops, museums, theme parks, residential, yachts. Headquarter in Rome, commercial offices in Milan and Tuscany.


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    Campus Biomedico

    Rome, Italy


    The Bio-medical campus is divided into 9 classrooms with 200 seats each, and 2 classrooms from 50/60 seats. For larger events or lessons it has been realized an auditorium with 1000 seats which, if necessary, can be divided into two independent parts. In all environments, the Philips Dynalite control system manages all the lighting fittings via DALI protocol and all engines in the field: curtains and drapes for engines of projection. Products used to realize the Control System are: 15pcs. of DDBC120-DALI modules; 15pcs. of DDMC802 modules; 45pcs. of DDCM120 modules; 15pcs. of DDRM104 modules and 15pcs. of DTK622-232 adaptors.


    The basic requirements to which the Philips Dynalite system was able to respond are those of energy savings, due to large size of the building, and the reliability and simplicity of use both for the technical staff, involved in the management of the classrooms, and teachers. The lights and engines (for curtains and drapes projection controllers ) management has significantly improved the level of comfort in the classrooms allowing to create scenarios specifically tailored for different needs of the room. Working closely with the design studio and ensuring a step-by-step support to the contractor through the various stages of construction of the plant, we have been able to create a success application case-study in this prestigious private medical/university structure, the most recent realized in the city of Rome.

    Classroom at the Campus Biomedico

    Hotel Sheraton

    Rome, Italy


    The Sheraton Hotel is one of the leading convention centers in the Roman area where we focused our business only on certain areas of this structure: 12 independent meeting rooms, 3 restaurants, 3 halls, the entrance hall, 1 bar and 8 modular rooms that can be combined between them, according to needs, to form a single large room. With this project, we have been called to answer multiple and different levels of needs that can be grouped into design requirements and operational needs. At the design level, there has been the need to dim a high number of luminaires significantly different from each other both in terms of type of control and electrical power: from the control of 0-10V protocols to manage phase-cut circuits with a load up to 2000 Wattage each one.


    In terms of operational needs, a key element was to provide both to the customers and the hotel staff, in charge of establishing and governing environments, a system that was both easy to use and able to control the various circuits in a focused view. All this features have been possible by implementing a program with different levels of access which allows simple control of the environment in normal mode and, by entering the correct credentials, access to a more sophisticated and invasive level of control on the standard operation of the system. Thanks to the flexibility of the programming environment we provided to the users different ways of interactivity with the system which can ensure, intuitively and transparently, the environment control in accordance with the chosen configuration.

    Entrance hall at Hotel Sheraton, Rome Italy nicely lit with Philips lighting

    Customer feedback


    The willingness to adopt a lighting control system is based on two needs: the reduction of energy consumption and the need to equip the hotel with a simple to use and intuitive system, both for internal staff (technical and otherwise) and the customers of congress areas. The occasion of restructuring and reallocation of the spaces of the entire ground floor of the hotel, has allowed the inclusion of a number of Philips Dynalite lighting control devices in all the rooms and halls of the conference center and all spaces used in catering and hospitality customers, as well as in the lobby and corridors open to the public.


    The ability to retrieve scenarios created ad hoc for the various areas pushing a button on the touch panel or keypad on the wall, and the creation of automated scenarios on an hourly basis, made this installation particularly intuitive and rewarding the achievement of the best lighting conditions and atmosphere in all environments. For example, in the halls of the modular conference center, equipped with movable walls to merge and separate environments, it is now simple and easy to reconfigure settings and commands on the touch panel whatever will be the salons configurations necessary to better meet the needs of our customers.”


    Alessandro Sollazzo - Chief engineer assistant

    Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center 

    Private House

    Rome, Italy


    One of the main applications for the Dynalite Control Systems is the residential one. Specially in this segment our company offers extensive accomplishments, including numerous luxury private homes. One of these is of particular interest as it comes from a specific request of the customer who, after having been able to use the products Dynalite during several trips to different places in the world, has grasped the potential of the system and asked to develop a solution for his own house.


    A high importance for the correct implementation of the system was the great flexibility offered by Philips Dynalite system that made it able to be adapted to different needs during the construction of the plant. The basic needs of the end customer, as well as those of energy-saving and high level of comfort of use, were to be able to integrate into the system the control of some light fixtures with DMX protocol, the engines with Somfy protocol, the active control on the electrical loads, and finally the use of OLED - DR2PA as control interface and visualization of air-conditioning system.

    Ceiling of a private house

    Customer feedback


    The customer was already familiar with the product dynalite. He had identified it in some Asian hotels in his recent travels, so he gladly accepted it when he recognized the aesthetic of the brand in the technical proposal. Surely the aesthetic has made a difference compared to other competitors, as well as the presence of the brand Philips, which guaranteed the reliability..


    The benefits are to be found in the wide variety of functions required by its part in the planning stage:


    • Different Scenarios between day and night
    • Ability to integrate HVAC management previously programming
    • Consistently use of light and presence sensors with dimming mode differentiated between day and night
    • Flexibility in changing the desired functions
    • Load management
    • Integrability of all third-party products he has chosen (DMX / somfy)"


    Ing. Gianluca Grisanti – Product Manager

    I.T.A.S. 3G

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