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    Top Audio is the leading company in Israel when it comes to planning and implementing smart home technology. The company uses top-of-the-line customizable and innovative technologies to create truly unique home automation projects.


    More specifically, Top Audio develops comprehensive solutions in the areas of command and control and home cinema systems (including both mobile and fixed touchscreens), smart electricity, electric blinds and shading systems, audiovisual systems, and computer networks. Top Audio is not only involved in residential projects – their work can be found across a range of projects, including private homes, luxury buildings, offices, yachts and boutique hotels. Integral to its customer-focused approach, Top Audio provides professional consulting during the planning stages and full supervision during all stages of the project, including follow-up once the job is complete.

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    Perfect Opposites

    A condominium in Tel Aviv gets an extraordinary makeover


    The apartment is located on the top floor of a luxurious condominium tower in Tel Aviv, with an open floor plan measuring approximately 400 m². The owner, a businessman with a unique idea, had a special request: "To live inside a nightclub".


    Throughout the design process and implementation of supporting technology, there were many challenges to overcome. Architect Sherry Oz was up to the task. She had the difficult job of combining two opposing activities: being out at a club and being at home. Top Audio was asked to step in and handle all supporting technology.

    "The professional challenges we faced were many", says Yossi Gol, CEO of Top Audio. "This is a very large apartment, with very few rooms and storage spaces to place 20 television screens and one projector. It was necessary to come up with delicate and well-designed installation and hanging solutions and to minimize and camouflage the wiring of the various electrical appliances.” He adds, "We decided to base the planning of the audio-video on a multi-regional matrix." We selected a dedicated cupboard for the systems, in which the matrix was installed, along with all the audio and video sources.”

    In this manner, the client can select - at any given time - which source to view or listen to independently on each of the 20 television screens and speakers that are discreetly located throughout the home.


    The control system that was installed in the apartment makes it possible to control all the systems using two computers, and several tablets were also built into the walls at strategic locations of the apartment. Moreover the owner can use his personal smart phone for display and control, both at home and on the road.

    The Home of Indulgence

    A unique home in Tel Aviv perfectly integrates free-flowing design and advanced technology to ensure time spent indoors is an unforgettable experience.


    "This home is designed to spoil. Every square meter in this house was designed to be cozy, comfortable and fun", says designer Angela Lanciano, from design firm Lanciano Design. This is the overarching concept behind this unusual living space in Tel Aviv. The home comprises two floors and a rooftop: The ground floor is an inviting open space from which one can see the swimming pool and the green lawn at the front of the home. This floor serves as an entertainment area, including an entertainment and media center that is equipped with the most advanced technology for music, projection and games.

    The lower level of the home includes a professional home cinema theater, a large wine cellar, sauna, bar and a window offering an underwater view of the swimming pool. "As far as we are concerned, it is the small details of the home that create its atmosphere", adds Lanciano.


    "Since this house is designed for entertainment and living, we believed that the technology should have a special place of its own," says Lanciano. "When we came to design the space, we took into consideration that it would need to service all the sound, video and lighting accessories in the best possible manner." Lanciano praises the collaboration with Top Audio, who was responsible for the technological aspects of building this house. "I have been working with Top Audio for many years now, from the days when 'smart electricity' sounded like something from a science fiction movie, but every single time, they’ve managed to surprise me with the technological solutions and new inventions that are instrumental to my work and that have become an integral part of my projects. The fact that you can manage all of the smart systems in this house using a table or smart phone makes it all that much more enjoyable - and that is precisely what we were hoping to achieve here."

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