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    At Livingprojects clients come first and an integral part of their DNA is to design, engineer, install and program lighting solutions that will not only live up to the expectations of their clients but exceeds them. Driven by guts and backed up by knowledge, the young professionals of Livingprojects like to put the creativity and imagination of their clients to the test.


    Whether it concerns a plan for architectural, hospitality, retail or entertainment industries, a subtle white lighting system or a mind-blowing RGB installation, Livingprojects will always bring a brilliant solution to the table.


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    Fletcher Hotel



    The recently opened Fletcher Hotel next to the A2 highway in Amsterdam immediately strikes the eye thanks to the brand new lighting installation. After an extensive engineering process and various demonstrations, Livingprojects installed 80 Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures as architectural façade lighting. Standing at an impressive 60 metres, the tower is visible for miles around, making for an impressive sight in a famously flat country with not many tall buildings to rival it. It is the first time Fletcher Hotels has built a new project from scratch and its location, flanking the highway A2 artery into Amsterdam, makes the building an impressive marker at the gateway to the Venice of the North.


    The view of the nicely illuminated Fletcher hotel from the highway
    Boasting a fully glazed facade, the building's many screens and round windows lend a distinctive yet restrained appearance to the building and the architecture of neighbouring buildings is reflected in the circular motif found in the hotel's facade pattern. Blue colourings and shaded fittings provide a prominent outer shell to the building creating a colour palette that causes the building façade to appear as if it is mirroring the sky. At night the building is partially lit by the hotel room's illuminated windows, but also by light fixtures installed between the façade shells, which make the Fletcher Hotel visible and identifiable long after sunset. Livingprojects was responsible for the exterior lighting design a company well versed in producing creative light solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. After completing the design process and based on the test configurations in October 2012, Livingprojects concluded that the Philips Color Kinetics eW Graze was the fixture best suited to the Fletcher Hotel and its dynamic appearance. This narrow but powerful fixture was chosen in part because it would not hinder the window cleaning system that has to be able to go up and down the building and over the lighting fixtures. A total of 80 Philips Color Kinetics eW Graze fixtures were placed on the structure, spaced equally with 40 fixtures installed at the bottom of the building and 40 at the top. The outer shell of the structure is comprised of printed glass screens that are mounted on a solid lightweight inner façade with integrated fixed windows. The transparent shell acts to insulate the building from noise pollution, an important addition, given the structure's location near a busy motorway.
    The front side of the Fletcher hotel impressively illuminated by Philips and Livingprojects

    Customer feedback


    The illuminated arches of the Foodstrip was the first project that Livingprojects realized for Caransa Groep B.V. Livingprojects is responsible for the lighting design, installation and programming of dynamic LED lighting on the sixteen huge arches that bow over the fast-food street. After the successful collaboration and thanks to their years of experience and extensive product knowledge of the Color Kinetics package, the choice for a new collaboration with Livingprojects for Fletcher Hotel, was easy. Once again Livingprojects stood out from the other parties, who had subscribed for the tender, by presenting a high -quality and very smart lighting solution. Livingprojects has moved the appearance of the hotel Fletcher to a higher level with its innovative lighting design.


    The team of Livingprojects is known for the determination thereby they tackle every project. Undaunted, they face the challenges that these projects offer them, and they always find the right solution.


    In addition to the expertise of the team, the quality of the products and the professionalism thereby projects are supervised, Livingprojects offers its customers excellent service.”


    Ing. M.H.P Tervoort, director Caransa Groep B.V.

    Livingprojects create a unique stage at Sensation, Amsterdam




    Amsterdam - More than 40,000 ecstatic music fans watched with wonder at the stunning light show in the Arena. Completely in line with in seducing theme 'Into the Wild' Sensation took her audience deep into the jungle. Livingprojects designed and produced the 300 light lianas that are part of the futuristic show. " The reaction of the audience when the crowd goes 'wild', that's the moment you've been waiting on for months," says Michael Sebregts, director of Livingprojects." From the first brainstorm sessions in February up to the first moment that the lights go on, the team has been working non-stop to make sure that show gets finished in time.


    To make the lianas really pop, custom made LED strings were made out of 9 meters iColor Flex SLX Philips CK string. The LED's were placed at varianting distances from each other to ensure a more natural look. Thanks to the cleverly devised cable the vines cannot only be hung freely on the ceilings, but they can also be transported easily and compact. "During the entire process you keep in mind that the show travels around the world, therefore it is necessary that everything from transportation to installation and control is made as practical as possible. The big challenge of the project was the network as many as 50,000 DMX channels were needed to let the lighting controls communicate with LEDs. By developing special network switches we could run the signal through the huge number of channels," explains Michael Sebregts. After the world premiere of the 2013 edition in the Amsterdam ArenA Sensation 'Into the Wild' will visit 21 countries around the world. "Recently, we've had the 'Source of Light', the show element of last year and the 2008 edition back for revision. We have been working together with Sensation for years now, but it is always exciting to that first moment that the lights go on.

    Customer feedback


    Thanks to the fact that Livingprojects has been working on the Sensations shows for years now, they've become true experts in fulfilling our expectations, within the budget that has been set. Thanks to the experience and knowledge they've obtained throughout the years, they know how to make a show element “tourable”, without compromising the intensity and color of the LED's.


    For the last show, Sensation into the Wild in 2013, we wanted to create an Avatar-like jungle. To create an extra dimension to the stage, we needed twinkling lianas which would hang down from the roof of the venue. After explaining the idea to the engineers, the team came up with the perfect lighting solution. In short, given the rapid development of LED products and pressure that always comes with the creative and designing part of a show, it's of great importance for Sensation to have a reliable and professional partner, such as Livingprojects.”


    Tom van den Houdt, technical producer

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