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    Citeos helps make cities safe, attractive and comfortable, while protecting the environment. In partnership with local authorities, their teams are involved in the community over the long term. Recognition of their expertise is reflected in the various awards they have won for their architectural lighting achievements. Their drive for innovation benefits cities and urban users alike, as they develop smart, practical and responsible solutions for urban lighting and seamless mobility. Solutions such as lighting design plans, event or architectural lighting, and fluid transport options, mean you get to enjoy life in the city! The city of tomorrow will be connected! Citeos helps set up urban equipment with intercommunication and remote management capabilities. Each city requires a unique strategy tailored to its own specific challenges, whether energy savings, budget constraints, proper operation warranty or facility enhancement. Citeos provides safe, compliant equipment, adjusting illumination to match usage. They ensure continuity of our facilities while tracking their environmental performance. 


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    City of Strasbourg - The Grande Ile decked out in colors


    The Grande Ile lies in the heart of Strasbourg's historic city center, surrounded by the Ill River in the south and the Fossé du Faux Rempart in the north. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. In a move to lend greater coherence to the city's public lighting, with special attention to the placement of the lighting equipment, lighting colors and energy savings, the city authorities called on Citeos teams to implement the project. The banks of the Ill were given new lighting designed by Ecotral, which opted to combine white and colored lights.


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    Illuminating the Grand Ile at Strasbourg by Citeos with Philips lighting products

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    The use of LED technology made it possible to better direct the lighting at the elements to be highlighted and illuminate the historic facades efficiently. Miniaturisation and compact LED light fixtures make it possible to install the lighting discreetly on the buildings and avoid detracting from their architecture."


    Xavier Albouy, Brand director, Citeos

    International Garden Festival

    Chaumont-sur-Loire, France


    The Festival offers a series of gardens of all shades, subtle, even-tempered or strongly colored designs that play on thousands of hidden meanings. With intense reds, deep blues, white or black, the gardens at Chaumont are surprising, daring and original. Of the twenty gardens, twelve gleam with light-emitting diodes allowing nocturnal visits. Night reveals plants in an unusual way and the light, subtly proportioned, whether white or colored, through the diversity of its radiating beams and its spectrums, completely changes the way the garden is perceived.


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    Trees illuminated by Citeos with Philips colourful lighting at International Garden festival, France

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