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    Axente has a strong background in control equipment, protocol and networks across the lighting sector. With its proven capabilities in the industry, Axente is a truly dynamic lighting specialist.


    Primarily active in France, Axente has played an important role in a number of high-profile indoor and outdoor architectural lighting projects. As a Philips Lighting Certified Value Added Partner, the company has access to the Philips Color Kinetics portfolio, including the popular Vaya range, as well as the entire Luminous Textile portfolio. The company’s highly trained staff and strong sales force possess exceptional technical expertise, backed with continuous training and support by Philips.

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    Building facade, commercial center, and indoor lighting

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    Hôtel du Palais



    When Napoleon III wanted a palace for his wife, the Imperatrice, Eugenie, he chose to build it at Biarritz on the Atlantic coast of France. Since then, Hotel du Palais has become a symbol of the town and the grandeur of times past. As part of the ongoing improvements towards the town’s attractions, it was decided to upgrade the lighting for the hotel. Previously, only one face of the hotel was illuminated and this used lines of xenon “festoon” type lamps which, over the years, had lost their sparkle. At this point, Biarritz Town invited the Parisian lighting designer, Franck Franjou, to design a new lighting scheme for the hotel. There were two challenges to overcome. The first was that the whole project from the initial concept to final commissioning had to be completed within six months. The second was how best to light this majestic building in keeping with its history and setting.

    The front side of Hôtel du Palais nicely lit by Philips Lighting and Axente
    View of Hôtel du Palais illuminated by Philips Lighting and Axente
    After setting up the lighting concept and specifications, Mr Franjou decided to collaborate with Axente because he completely relied on their expertise and precision when it comes to lighting controls and was also confident that they can complete the project in such a short period of time. Regarding the lit effect of the Palais, Mr Franjou wanted a subtle effect but one that could change according to local events or the time of year. He decided on a solution using a combination of dimmable white LEDs with different degrees of Warm and Cool light. The equipment chosen was the Philips intelliWhite Powercore linear LED system using a combination of 2,700K, 4,000K and 6,500K LEDs. Approximately 185 luminaires were installed. “It was essential that there was consistency in the appearance of all the LEDs across the whole façade” said Mr Franjou, “and the Philips Optibin technology ensures that there is complete uniformity in the appearance”. It is believed that this is the first time that a “Palace hotel" has been illuminated by using varying white color temperature LEDs that are also dimmable.

    Carré de Soie


    Spreading across 180,000 square meters, the lighting environment of the Carré de Soie Shopping Mall drew its inspiration from the powerful architectural forms. The undulating metal profiles provide a rhythm and identity that the lighting can accentuate. The project was designed by Laurent Fachard, Les Eclairagistes Associés, and the proposal was about bringing the mall to life at night, during the opening hours of the cinema. The proposal includes lighting the buildings, the walkways, the elevators and the car parks. As a result, at night, the architectural concept is enhanced by 16,000 RGB pixels made of Philips iColor Flex. Its flexibility allows it to be integrated easily in the structures. Pixels are addressed point by point separately to allow chromatic programmes that can change according to the seasons or other variables. This satisfies the management’s commercial needs for environmentally friendly illumination.


    The outstanding entrance of Carré de Soie Shopping Mall illuminated by Philips Lighting and Axente

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