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    Illuminating the future of shopping


    Shopping malls are a bit of a love-them-or-hate-them prospect. Die-hard shoppers love the wide variety of stores on offer; the less enthusiastic shopper, meanwhile, often visits them only out of absolute necessity.



    The recent unveiling of the largest luminous textile installation in the world at the Centrum Galerie in Dresden makes the experience of shopping just that bit more fun.

    The huge textile panels greet shoppers as they enter the mall and also provide a dynamic backdrop while refueling in the restaurant area.

    The connected nature of the lights means that the images can be updated at the swipe of a finger on a tablet or smartphone device, adjusting to suit an event or create a particular mood.

    Meanwhile, the alternating, eclectic light animations produced by luminous textiles means there’s some entertainment for even the most reluctant shopper.


    The textile solution offers a new option to designers hoping to improve a building’s visual and audio impact. In addition, the modular installation means this solution can be applied to any number of buildings or rooms, from shops to hotels or restaurants.

    Corio, owner of the mall in Dresden, is hoping to further realize their goal of creating ‘Favorite Meeting Places’ and offering a truly unique shopping experience.

    This use of textiles in a shopping environment might well be the future of retail. How about lights that change according to the time of day, providing a good antidote to the traditional glare of mall lighting? Or a restaurant that can change atmosphere on a whim for a special event?

    What would your dream shop look like? And how would you use lighting to make it happen?