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    7 ways that connected lighting is changing the world


    Smart connected devices are changing the world as we know it. Distributed throughout the spaces in which we work, live, travel, and relax, connected devices share information about themselves. They collect intelligence about the spaces where they’re being used. And they deliver personalized services and in-context information to people wherever they are, whenever they need them.


    See below for seven examples of connected lighting in action.

    1. Making business personal (again)

    Connected lighting systems can help make office space personal again. With lightbeam communications, dynamic LED luminaires, and individual lightpoint control, a worker can use a smartphone app to “register” their location with the lighting system to gain control over the lighting above their desk. Read more here

    Making business personal (again)
    2. See more, know more, save more

    Lighting is installed wherever people need to go in professional and public spaces. When that lighting is digital, the lighting system can do double-duty as a distributed computing platform. Read more here
    3. Lighting the city of tomorrow today

    First sustainability, now resiliency. Forward-looking cities are banking on the promise of connected devices and the Internet of Things to make cities more livable, more flexible, and better attuned to the global environment. Read more here
    Lighting the city of tomorrow today
    4. Life imitates the Web

    Connected lighting systems with indoor positioning capabilities are starting to make personalized shopping experiences available in brick-and-mortar stores. Customers who opt in can use specially designed mobile apps to receive customized recommendations, relevant product information, and in-store discounts and incentives. Read more here
    Life imitates the Web
    5. The recipe for effective learning and healing

    Connected lighting is helping to improve student experiences in the classroom and patient experiences in the hospital. Read more here
    The recipe for effective learning and healing
    6. Wake up right, no worries

    Connected thermostats, connected home security, connected pool control … The Internet of Things is making the home an intelligent, responsive, remotely controllable environment that’s more comfortable, safer, and easier on the environment. Read more here
    Wake up right, no worries
    7. Beneath the digital ceiling

    With such innovations as LED lighting, solar panels, thermal aquifers, and sophisticated building management systems, office buildings are becoming ever more energy efficient. However, recent studies have shown that accounting for human behavior can double or triple the energy savings that you can achieve by technology alone. Read more here
    Beneath the digital ceiling