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    Philips YourSource

    Philips YourSource - Clear water, Your way

    The Philips YourSource UV module is customized to your equipment. As a result, it provides a seamless fit, both in terms of ergonomics and functionality.

    Moreover, as the module is unique for your equipment, it helps you to secure future replacement demand.

    Watch our introduction video to see what Philips YourSource is about:

    What's inside the integrated UV module?

    The innovative Philips YourSource UV module is based on low pressure lamp technology for drinking water disinfection:

    • PL-S lamp
    • Electronic driver
    • Optional quartz sleeve
    • Safety switch to protect against unintended exposure to UVC
    • 120V, 230V, 24V DC Power
    •Water sealing with custom mechanical interface
    • Connector or cable-out

    Close Partnership

    Choose Philips as your partner and you can trust us to take responsibility for the complete UV system performance and reliability. Not only can we promise you maximum efficiency, you can also avoid any problems on lamp compatibility failures. Just another way we can make your life easier.

    Tried and tested – with the help of Philips

    To satisfy industry requirements, Philips will also take care of the certification of the complete module. That means you will receive a fully-certified module that’s ready to be designed into your equipment, speeding up the design process and allowing you to benefit from a shorter time to market. Philips YourSource is uniquely designed for and with you!


    Philips YourSource for Jacuzzi and spa

    Until recently the use of chlorine was the most common way to disinfect water in Jacuzzis and spas. However the environmental and safety rules for the use and storage of chlorine have recently been tightened. UV is the most environmental, safe and convenient way to ensure your jacuzzi is effectively disinfected, strongly reducing the required amount of chlorine and other chemicals.
    Philips YourSource

    Philips YourSource for Fish Ponds

    Algae can upset the natural balance in ponds, spoiling its visual appeal and spreading harmful diseases to the fish. Therefore it’s vital that the UV lamp and driver in your equipment offers the right performance.

    Philips YourSource, which was introduced in 2010, is the first integrated and customized UV lamp and driver system that perfectly meets the specific requirements of your purification equipment. So you can achieve a unique and seamless fit that will ensure fresh, clean and clear water in Jacuzzis, spas and fish ponds.

    This system is now also integrated in the Citropur UV sterilizer from Airwatec.

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