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    Reliable UV disinfection
    lamps and drivers


    To achieve the best from any installation, the delicate balance and interaction between lamp and driver needs to be optimized.

    Optimized UV lamp and driver system

    Philips is the only manufacturer that offers a complete in-house manufactured package of UV lamps, drivers and sleeves, ensuring the optimum performance from your purification equipment. Evidently all our products are tested to the most stringent standards to ensure they provide the ultimate quality, reliability and performance.


    No compatability issues between UV lamp and driver

    When you choose Philips as a partner you deal with a company who takes responsibility for the complete lamp and driver system performance and reliability. This helps to avoid problems on any lamp compatibility failures and makes life easier for you.

    Philips and drivers

    Philips has a long history of electronic driver development. The patented IC chip is developed by the dedicated Philips Lighting Electronics team and makes the performance of the drivers absolutely stable. Also features such as dimming, pre-heat, interfacing and remote control are possible for your specific application. By potting the drivers the electronics will also survive in condensing and aggressive environments.