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    First bottled water dispenser equipped with Philips InstantTrust



    In November 2011 Philips has launched its innovative InstantTrust water disinfection technology.

    Philips InstantTrust is a compact, cutting edge technology optimized for point-of-use applications. It cleans water instantly and is temperature independent.

    Philips InstantTrust solutions have been designed to make it easier for OEMs to integrate disinfection as close as possible to the dispensing outlet, disinfecting water just before it’s served. It switches on immediately when the water starts flowing and operates at full power within a fraction of a second to give instant disinfection. This ensures that the water is cleaned at the moment it is dispensed. Energy is consumed only when needed ensuring lowest possible electricity use.

    InstantTrust has undergone extensive testing and microbiological validation. Reliability is tested in extreme conditions during the design phase to ensure the lowest possible failure rate. Disinfection performance is tested on a regular base during production in our in-house microbiological laboratory both at 0 hours and after reaching end of life.

    In the meantime InstantTrust is available in both inline and point of dispense versions. Last June AquaClara, a Japanese company serving its customers at home with bottled water, launched its new bottled water dispenser: the AquaTrust, equipped with the newest point of dispense Philips InstantTrust solution.