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    you’re safe

    Philips InstantTrust – Simply safer

    Certified InstantTrust technology disinfects water just before it’s served A range of tested and validated solutions Philips InstantTrust is our new standard in the industry for disinfection solutions in drink/water dispensers, providing clean water in an instant, independent of water temperature. InstantTrust switches on immediately when the water starts flowing and operates at full power within a fraction of a second to give instant disinfection. This ensures that the water is cleaned at the moment it is dispensed. InstantTrust has undergone extensive testing and microbiological validation.

    The benefits



    • Reduced in size
    • Consider how this new-found design freedom translates into even more business opportunities
    • Imagine the new possibilities for building UV disinfection into even smaller POU purification equipment, from taps to pitchers


    Instant start


    • Clean water from the very first second onwards: people don’t have to wait until the system indicates that the water is disinfected and don’t run the risk that it is not perfectly disinfected
    • A high UV from the start onwards means that systems no longer need to be ‘overdesigned’
    • Saves energy and water: the UV lamps don’t have to burn continuously, and the water doesn’t get warm so it isn’t thrown away


    Temperature independent


    • Same results for cold or hot water
    • The new UV technology has a constant performance at all temperatures, including refrigerated water of 4 °C
    • The system no longer needs to be ‘overdesigned’ to achieve the correct disinfection rate at low or high temperatures


    Mercury free – yes, that’s truly zero!


    • Philips has been working to reduce mercury in its lamp components for years, to ensure a safer environment for the future
    • Now we have developed a cutting-edge disinfection technology that contains no mercury at all
    • Incorporate the new technology and get your end-product’s ecological footprint down dramatically!


    Opening up
    new application possibilities


    • InstantTrust disinfection technology is targeted at applications involving instant disinfection of small quantities of cold water
    • Treatment of flows from 1 liter/minute up to 4 liters/minute
    • This makes it ideally suited to dispensing equipment such as bottle refill stations, table top purifiers and other POU equipment
    Philips InstantTrust has been integrated in a number of applications since its launch in 2011. The most recent product launches are with our partners: