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    Philips Dynapower
    UV lamp and driver

    Guaranteed peace of mind

    Water disinfection that's guaranteed to be worry-free

    When you're responsible for making waste water safe and clean, it's vital that your waste water treatment plant remains operational at all times to comply with legislation. So it's important that you have UV lamp and driver systems that you can count on during the complete season, along with access to a full range of reliable spare parts. If you're not getting that kind of peace of mind from your current system, now is the time to switch.

    Now there's a UV lamp and driver system that you can rely on to keep your water treatment plant operational during the complete season, so you comply with legislation. The Philips DynaPower lamp and driver offers you a best-in-class, no-risk alternative for certain amalgam open channel systems that's guaranteed to give you complete peace of mind.

    We guarantee its performance

    To underline our confidence in the Philips DynaPower lamp and driver system, we guarantee its performance. The driver is covered with 3-year guarantee and the lamp for 12,000 operating hours.

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    The benefits

    dynapower comp
    • Optimised lamp and driver for the best possible performance
    • Access to a full range of reliable spare parts
    • Ultimate quality, designed and manufactured in-house
    • Annual failure rate of less than 1%
    • 100% stress testing minimizing 0-hour failures
    • The highest levels of service and support with a single supplier for lamp and driver
    • 3-year guarantee on driver and 12,000 operating hours guarantee on lamp*

    Special offer on test installation

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    Dynapower - Green certificate

    The Philips DynaPower system has been officially been awarded the Green Product status. This means that the product performs substantially better on key environmental parameters than comparable products on the market.

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