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    Meeting your specialist lighting needs


    Special Lighting

    Light can make a difference in your world –that’s why we’re always developing products that help you work and live better.


    Our innovative illumination systems can help your everyday life in numerous ways, including many that you wouldn’t have thought possible.


    The range includes lamps designed for four specific segments: Entertainment, UV Purification, Cinema, and Health & Industry. Every lamp has been developed in close partnership with OEM partners to meet your needs in the most effective, efficient way.


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    Get ready to dazzle and delight spectators. Our cutting-edge lighting is designed meet the high demands of modern entertainment. That means performers look better, lighting designers can produce spectacular effects, and installers can do their job quickly and easily. And above all, the high durability of our lamps means that they will always make it to the final curtain.


    Some of our most popular entertainment innovations are:

    • MSR Gold: Golden lamp caps enable higher temperatures
    • MSD and MSR Platinum: high beam intensity and a very narrow beam
    • MSR Gold FastFit: innovative lamp cap which enables quick lamp replacement
    • MSR Gold MIniFastFit: smaller lamps to enable smaller fixture designs


    Add some of these state-of-the-art lamps to your repertoire, and give your audience a night to remember.


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    UV Purification


    Clean drinking water is essential to our health and wellbeing. Yet in developing nations all over the world, and even in western countries, many public water supplies get contaminated with harmful microorganisms


    Philips UV lamp systems have the power to deactivate these microorganisms. Over the past 15 years, we’ve partnered with purification experts to create technology that will give everyone access to clean water and air.


    UV lamps for water purification are applied in many applications, including industrial and municipal water treatment, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s and fish ponds.


    UV lamps can help medical environments too. Infections originating in hospitals affect up to 10% of patients during their stay. Approximately 20% of these infections are transmitted via contaminated surfaces and air. Disinfection systems incorporating Philips UVC lamps have the power to disinfect air and surfaces.


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    Digital projection is revolutionizing the way people watch movies. Images and colors are more vibrant and lifelike than ever, and 3D films are creating a truly immersive experience.


    These cinematic breakthroughs have been made possible due to digital projection lamps. Used worldwide to light movie screens seen by millions of people, Philips technology is creating clear and  crisp images.


    Our Digital Cinema lamps are certified and approved for use in Barco, NEC, and Sony projectors, offering unsurpassed quality and reliability. In addition, our technical, sales, and customer support officers bring you best service in the industry. Joining the digital cinema revolution has never been so easy.


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    Nearly three percent of the world's population is affected by Psoriasis, hugely impacting their daily lives. Phototherapy is an established treatment option that uses those specific wavelengths of light that slow down the production of new skin cells.


    Philips UVB Narrowband Phototherapy lamps have a precise and unique spectral distribution. As a result, dermatologists can offer their patients an effective treatment with minimum potential side effects.


    More than 400 clinical tests world-wide indicate that the Philips UVB Narrowband lamps are the most effective lamps for treating Psoriasis.


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    Insect trap    


    If your company is in the food and beverage industry, it’s crucial to maintain healthy and safety standards – and safeguard your reputation. That means keeping kitchens and restaurants free of flies and insects. The most effective and hygienic way to do this is with a purpose-built fly killer.


    Philips Actinic BL lamps have been specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. They emit the precise wavelengths of UV light that insects are attracted to, drawing them in and eliminating them.


    The fixtures provide a high output that is maintained for the whole lifetime of the lamps, ensuring a hygienic and bug-free environment. In addition, their energy-efficient performance and low mercury level makes your workplace more environment-friendly.


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    Special Lighting applications


    Bringing 3D movies to live


    Our high quality lamps are approved for Barco, NEC and Sony digital cinema projectors.


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    An art to every performance


    Our Platinum lamps are the brightest on the market, giving you the power to light your creativity.


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    you’re safe


    Solutions for water and air disinfection.


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    Find the right lamp for your fixture


    With our Entertainment lamp replacement tool you can easily find the right lamp for your fixture either by searching on fixture type or cross reference.


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    Special lighting

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    Xenon lamp replacement


    Discover our instructional series on how to replace and align Cinema Xenon lamps in various projectors.


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    Clean water with UV technology

    UV Technology is a natural treatment method to ensure water is clean to drink. Learn more about UV and how it works.
    Clean water with UV technology
    Platinum lamps

    Powerful light, sharp beams

    Discover the unique technology behind the Philips Platinum lamps and the corresponding benefits for creating an impressive show. 

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    Phototherapy for Psoarisis treatment

    Phototherapy uses those specific wavelengths of light that have been shown to be very effective in the treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other skin diseases.
    Phototherapy for Psoriasis treatment