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    Smarter, brighter downlight

    SmartBright LED Downlight G2

    SmartBright LED Downlight G2

    The new generation Philips SmartBright LED Downlight has an integrated driver that is exclusive to Philips. Coupled with an advanced cooling solution and superior optics design, it helps you save energy and provides you with excellent visual comfort. Its sophisticated design tops it off, making this a high-quality lighting solution that offers great value-for-money including a 10 years lifetime.

    Features and benefits

    • Integrated design, high-level of safety and reliability
    • Superb energy-saving performance of about 55% more than normal energy saving lights
    • Long life time, as long as 10 years (with 10 hours of usage per day)
    • Utilizes integrated driver (exclusive to Philips) that meets Philip’s stringent performance standards
    • Integrated advanced cooling solution provides excellent energy-saving performance
    • Meets national and international standards (IEC60598, CCC, CB) and ‘F’ mark
    • 3 year warranty

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