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    UV-C disinfection


    Brighten your life 


    Create the perfect ambience for every room in the house. Our lighting innovations enhance the way you live and play.

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    Brighten up your space


    Innovation from Dubai to the world

    The World’s Most Energy-efficient Lamp



    Versatile indoor and outdoor fixtures


    Discover the Right Light

    Your guide on how to choose the right light for home

    Public Spaces

    Create efficient, livable cities


    Build a smarter city with connected lighting that can reduce energy and maintenance costs, stimulate economic development, and enhance the life of citizen

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    Case Study

    Creating a Royal entrance in Dubai

    Philips LED lighting is welcoming guests in United Arab Emirates

    Case Study

    Better light & Less energy in Abu Dhabi

    LED lighting installation on the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi


    Bright & sustainable LED for power plants

    Philips LED luminaires help DEWA and Etihad ESCO to achieve sustainability goals

    Case Study

    City of Los Angeles

    Over 100,000 streets support a vibrant city and its economy

    Office & Industry

    Optimize your building


    Optimize your building with smart connected lighting systems from Philips Lighting to save energy and improve operational efficiency while also enhancing employee productivity, and well-being.

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    Case Study

    Energy-efficient light for Aramex

    Philips helped Aramex become more energy efficient with lighting


    SpaceWise LED lighting 

    Reduce energy costs without compromising eye comfort

    Case Study

    Dubai Municipality offices, Dubai, UAE

    See how Philips lighting helped Dubai Municipality achieve its goals

    Application Area

    Smarter warehouse lighting system

    A flexible and intelligent energy saving system for warehouses

    Retail & hospitality

    Enhance the in-store experience


    With the right LED lighting retailers can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers. While software apps over in-store positioning (IPS) can guide and personalize the shopping experience.

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    Attracting customers with light

    Dynamic display lighting gives produce a fresh and enticing look

    Case Study

    ASWAAQ Supermarket

    A personalized shopping experience with indoor positioning

    Case Study

    More light, less energy use

    The perfect ighting for supermarkets in the middle east


    Minimalist and modern lighting

    Creating a unique and memorable experience for every guest