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    Create the Livable City workshop

    Join the next generation of lighting experts. The Create the Livable City workshop is a yearly event that brings together architects, urban planners and lighting designers to discuss and exchange the role of lighting in urban development.


    The workshops have already brought together more than 150 architects, urban planners and city representatives in completely different settings during co-design workshops across Europe.

    Livable city workshop at Copenhagen organized by Philips

    Watch the video of the workshop in 2014

    See the highlights with lighting concepts and installations of our Create the Livable City workshop 2014 in Berlin.

    What can I expect?


    The workshop enables us to see the future of urban Europe through the eyes of city planners. Participants are challenged to envision, create and implement a lighting concept in a prototype installation using the Urban Future matrix as guidance tool.

    The format usually includes a:

    · Research seminar

    · Panel discussion

    · Practical workshop

    · Prototype design

    · Presentation of the prototype installations by the participants.

    People are experimenting with light in a lighting workshop at Bratislava

    Urban Futures matrix


    The Urban Future matrix is a practical tool that helps define your lighting strategy and includes different lighting scenarios. The matrix plots social-cultural drivers against city strategies, followed by the introduction of 16 actionable Urban Futures scenarios. These narratives result in 16 different possibilities for ways cities can evolve in the future.

    An expert is explaining the urban futures matrix

    Join the next Livable City workshop 2015


    Our next workshop will be held in summer 2015 in Paris. If you want to participate please contact your local Philips representative. More detailed information about the workshop and program can be found on our Create the Livable City website.

    A big group of people is discussing outside of a nicely lit building at Turnhout, Belgium in a workshop organized by Philips

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