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    Innovative Energy Solution 

    for DNATA


    DNATA Warehouse,
    Dubai, U.A.E


    See how lighting has helped Dubai Economic Department manage energy and carbon costs to achieve operational efficiency and cost reduction, in alignment with organizational metrics and objectives.


    Lighting a warehouse
    is a complex

    exercise. Large spaces to be covered, costs/carbon emissions to be considered yet adequate illumination is required, at all times. Thanks to Philips, we were able to integrate all these factors and come up with a solution that addressed these key criteria."


    - Mr. David Harris, Director - Logistics Investment Support, Foreign Investment Office


    Customer Challenge


    To achieve savings of 37% on the electrical load with zero compromise on the light quality in the current facility. The new lighting solution had to deliver this high saving percentage and replace the existing 400W metal halide high bays. It was also expected to work with lighting controls while offering the desired lux levels.


    The right lighting 


    Philips conducted an extensive study to determine the lighting requirements at the facility and innovated a lighting solution that delivered – and exceeded – on every pre-set parameter of the project. Energy savings were at the heart of the new solution and the desired lux levels were achieved too. Total energy saving: 39.38% – exceeded the target set by DNATA.


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