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    Energy-efficient light
    for Aramex

    Aramex, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    See how Philips helped Aramex become more energy efficient to decrease its carbon footprint, optimize its power consumption and raise awareness in order to become a sustainable business model.


    Sustainable business

    practices are integral to Aramex’s business model and daily operations. With its pedigree in developing energy-efficient products, Philips was the natural choice as a lighting solution for our key Dubai Logistics City facility."


    -  Hussein Wehbe, Country Manager for Dubai & Northern Emirates, Aramex


    Customer Challenge

    Aramex wanted to make its key Dubai Logistics City facility more energy efficient. The challenge was to a simple yet smart lighting solution that would meet the application requirements and consume 40% less energy. The project also required luminaire-based stand-alone lighting controls for occupancy detection in the warehouse area and daylight optimization in the offices.


    The right lighting


    The key to the solution lay in an intelligent selection and customization of standard luminaires, which would not only match the project’s stringent energy requirements but also satisfy the application parameters. For the lighting controls Philips customized the standard TMX204 luminaire with an occupancy sensor in the warehouse area to provide the ideal scenario: light when and where it is needed.


    The Smartform TBS460 luminaires in the office spaces were factory fitted with Luxsense controllers, which save energy by automatically regulating the luminaire in accordance with the level of daylight available.

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