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    An end to
    dark streets

    Town of Salobre, Salobre, Spain


    Find out how Salobre has made its streets feel safer at night with Philips lighting.

    People next to a bridge at the town of Salobre, Spain

    The result is

    the electric consumption drops 72%, reducing the contracted power and the maintenance expenses to a value of 4,900 Euros per year. The total service costs go from 23,259 Euros to 4,800 Euros per year. In addition, the project prevents 29 tons of CO2 per year being emitted into the atmosphere.”


    -Company of Energetic Services Gas Natural Fenosa

    A narrow street at the town of Salobre well lit with Philips street lighting

    Customer challenge


    The Town of Salobre was in need of some up-to-date illumination systems. Its existing fixtures used excessive energy, and primitive control mechanisms meant that public lighting was unavailable in some areas after midnight. A light revamp was in order.

    Philips CitySoul LED, luminaire for street lighting

    The right lighting


    Following a public contest, energy company Gas Natural Fenose initiated a pioneering program in Salobre, intended to reduce power consumption. The company found that 75% of Salobre’s existing lights were inefficient and used auxiliary electromagnetic equipment. The decision was made to replace the street lighting, and Philips was bought in as a technology partner.


    The outdated luminaries were soon replaced with cutting-edge, efficient lighting. CitySoul lamps with 49W LEDs were installed for road lighting, and over 350 FaroleVilla and Mini Iridium luminaires replaced the old spotlights. The new lights are far more energy-efficient, and they create an atmosphere that makes residents feel at home and at ease. LED projectors were installed around the river, creating enchanting light scenes on the Salobre river bridge.


    A new control system was also paramount to the project, and Philips CityTouch was chosen for the job. Its intuitive interface makes controlling the lights easy, and can be used to analyze and verify energy savings. Philips has offered an extended warranty for the entire lighting solution during the first ten years of the contract, and an upgrade plan to ensure optimal performance.


    The new city lighting system now provides comforting illumination right through the night. All residents can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Salobre, and the new lights use 72% less energy than the previous ones.


    CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting. It allows operators to monitor and manage the public outdoor lighting system. They can also store, visualize, and analyze historical information about luminaire performance.

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    public pride

    The Team

    Gas Natural Fenosa  


    City of Salobre, Spain


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