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    Going green,

    staying green


    City Center


    Find out how LED city lighting is making Mechelen city a greener place.

    Street in the historic city centre of Mechelen lit by Philips lighting

    Customer challenge


    Mechelen, a beautiful and historic Belgian city, was upgrading its public infrastructure. To enhance the city’s aesthetics and utilize energy-efficient technology, the city council decided to upgrade the urban lighting in April 2012. Could Philips supply a future-proof solution?

    Canal-side street lit with Philips urban lighting

    Philips has given us
    a unique, striking and

    energy-efficient LED light solution that perfectly complements Mechelen’s heritage aesthetics – and with a 15 year warranty, it’s guaranteed to be future-proof and sustainable over the long term.”


    - Mayor Bart Somers

    The right lighting


    For Philips, enhancing and preserving the city’s rich heritage was only half the challenge. The other half was to ensure that the city’s investment would last far into the future. This meant it needed proactive maintenance, indefinite availability of spare parts, and continuous technical support.

    Philips was able to provide the ideal solution. For the urban lighting system itself, we came up with a custom-made solution called LunaVision. These innovative luminaires were placed on building sides to provide excellent visibility, and create a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Their design provides bright, clear light from considerable height, while using minimal electricity. 


    Continued support is being provided thanks to Philips LifeCycle Services. The service agreement ensures that Mechelen will receive continuous support for the next 15 years, including upgrades to their fixtures as LED technology progresses. In summary, the project has achieved all goals, and is helping to make Mechelen a greener city.

    With the energy-efficient lights and ongoing LifeCycle support, Mechelen city will save up to 45% on power and maintenance compared to its previous system..

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