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    energy control

    Tour Sequana,
    Issy Les Moulineaux, France


    Find out how office lighting is helping Tour Sequana to reduce energy consumption.

    Meeting room in Tour Sequana office, illuminated by Philips office lighting, which reduces energy consumption

    We were looking to

    a building supporting the image of the Bouygues Télécom, a building with a distinctive visual profile. Obviously, comfort and efficiency were key elements together with environmental considerations.”


    - François Delatouche, Working Environment Director of Bouygues Télécom

    The façade of the Tour Sequana bulding, lit by Philips office lighting
    Philips office lights are mounted in the ceiling of this Tour Sequana office

    Customer challenge


    Tour Sequana is a telecoms monolith. Over 100m high and accommodating 2,400 Bouygyes Telecom employees, it was built as part of an urban regeneration programme. Could smart office lighting help the building to meet its energy saving goals?

    The right lighting 

    Tour Sequana was built as part of a project that would bring 100,000m² of new office space to Issy Les Moulineaux . Ecological concerns were a high priority for the developers, and environmental certification would be required all around. A key objective for Tour Sequana was to reduce energy consumption to 90kWh/m²/year. This is three to four times less than the average tower building in the La Défense area of Paris.

    The design team got to work on an office lighting system that would balance comfort with energy efficiency. T5 and LED light fixtures were used to create a productive welcoming environment while minimizing energy use. But the centrepiece of the new installation was the Philips Somfy Light Balancing solution.

    The system works by balancing the amount of heat and light entering the building from outside. 3500 automated venetian blinds, which are controlled Somfy LW motors, were installed around the building. The blinds are activated to manage heat, reduce visual glare discomfort, and take advantage of the sun’s position. When the blinds are closed, the artificial light levels are boosted. When the blinds are opened, the artificial lighting is dimmed, creating optimal light levels for office activities.

    Thanks to the Philips Somfy Light Balancing solution, targeted energy consumption levels have been met. Tour Sequana was given a performance level of 10 for visual comfort in the HQE environmental rating procedure.

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    Aiding productivity
    with light

    The Team

    Bouygues Télécom


    Bernardo Fort-Breschia, Arquitectonia



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