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    Bright, Crisp
    and  Sustainable lighting

    The Change Initiative
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    See how Philips  helped the retail store, The Change Initiative, create a space that inspires people to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day lives, with LED lighting.

    was already

    deeply ingrained into Philips’ business, andwe knew they could offer us the best-in-practice LED solutions forboth design and energy efficiency.”


    - Gundeep Singh, CEO & Founder of The Change Initiative


    Customer challenge


    Design and energy effienct lighting was essential for The Change Initiative when comin up with a lighting solution.The right quality of light was also essential. “Creating the right balance isimperative to what The Change Initiative aims to achieve – seamlesslyintegrating sustainability into our everyday lives.”


    The right lighting


    Philips lit The Change Initiative’s retail space using products such as StoreFlux, Smartform, Stylid, Powerbalance & Dynalite Controls. “It’s important that the lighting in the store complements its architecture, and is adaptable to any display changes,” said Gundeep Singh.


    The Philips Dynalite DALI-based daylight and occupancy sensors were also installed to ensure maximum energy savings. The flexibility of this solution allows The Change Initiative to vary lighting moods throughout different areas of the store. The result is a retail store that is inviting, consisting of brighter, crisper light. Products are now more visible, packaging more easily read and colours are truly represented. The high lumen maintenance also ensures that the lighting performance is retained for a longer period of time.

    Bright, Crisp and  Sustainable lighting

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