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    green office lighting solutions

    HOK regional office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Aesthetic pleasing LED office lighting solutions that match HOK's vision of a futuristic, innovative and energy-conscious office.
    Philips LED Lighting and Dynalite controls for HOK regional office in Dubai

    We live and breathe

    and there was a burning desire to use energy-conscious lighting. Philips’ lighting solutions, and the integration with Dynalite controls, help us with this. The way the lights come on and off is so subtle that you don’t even notice it. It's great."


    - Sanjeev Coelho, Senior Associate, HOK

    Philips LED Lighting and Dynalite controls for HOK office in Dubai
    Dynalite Control

    Customer Challenge


    Dubai’s focus on ensuring efficient and sustainable energy consumption is a key consideration for any company looking at building or renovating its offices. But, when that company is also a pioneer in sustainable energy development, a recognized advocate globally-recognized architectural firm, the need to create aesthetically pleasing offices that meet the highest LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) standards is high. This is precisely the situation that global architecture and urban planning firm HOK faced when moving to its new offices in the Rolex Tower in Dubai.


    The right lighting


    Philips’ first task was to work with HOK to completely renovate the reception area. “The reception is the face of the company, and we needed it to be bright and open.” In line with this LED focus, Philips installed Colour Kinetics eW Fuse striplights to create a pattern that livened and brightened up the reception area. The addition of the IltiLuce Walksystem LED HP Opal lighting in the entrance, and the LuxSpace Accent Mini Adjustable lighting, combined with the natural light offered by the floor-to-ceiling glazing in the other parts of the building transformed what could have been a very dark and dull area into a bright, lively and welcoming space.


    Ensuring that lighting was only engaged when needed was central to HOK achieving its high LEED rating. In line with this requirement, Philips implemented a solution that also continued to meet HOK’s vision of a futuristic, innovative and energy-conscious office. As Sanjeev puts it: “Philips’ lighting strategy included the use of daylight-responsive controls and occupancy sensors.” Philips Dynalite lighting control solution provided ideal controls for the office, including photosensors that optimized the use of natural light, only switching on Philips LED lighting when the natural light levels were too low.


    In addition, the Dynalite system sensed when people entered and left areas, offices and meeting rooms and adjusted light levels accordingly. The numerous controls and sensors implemented as part of the Dynalite system meant that non-natural lighting was only used when required, for as long as required, adjusting and optimizing light levels while minimizing the need for architectural illumination.


    The results of HOK and Philips’ partnership is a bright, vibrant office that meets LEED Standards, resulting in the HOK Dubai office being awarded with LEED Gold certification.

    green office lighting solutions

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    HOK Architects and Master Planners, Dubai


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