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    DEWA Power Plants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    Philips LED luminaires help DEWA and Etihad ESCO to achieve 14 GWh energy savings a year which is 68% on its lighting consumption.

    DEWA Power Plants LED lighting retrofit project video

    Philips committed to

    results and, these are really quite impressive: Annual energy reduction of 14GWh, representing 68% savings in terms of consumption for lighting. Additionally, these energy savings mean that 6000 tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided per year.''


    - Stephane Le Gentil, CEO, Etihad ESCO

    DEWA Power Plant Street
    DEWA Warehouse

    Customer Challenge

    As part of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 to reduce energy demand by 30%, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA's) power plants are one of the first projects to be retrofitted to LED lighting. This to greatly reduce energy consumption while providing comfortabel lux levels and to make Dubai’s built environment a leading example of energy efficiency for the world.
    DEWA Fire Station

    The right lighting


    The focus for Philips was two fold: The right lighting solutions to provide comfortable lux levels while also focusing on reducing energy consumption, and developing a sustainable light solution for the plants for the long-term duration of the project. Additionally, as part of this energy performance contracting project, Philips had to be able to guarantee these energy savings and lighting levels. Philips set out exactly the strategy and implementation plan for the LED lighting project. Philips began completely refurbishing the lighting in all in-scope areas, replacing the older, conventional mercury and sodium lights with Philips GreenVision Xceed LED luminaries. These LED road lights ensured light uniformity and maximum spacing between each lamppost, as well as significantly increasing the light levels are in line with expected international standards. In the turbine and storage areas, GentleSpace Gen 2 and CoreLine Highbay LED luminaires increased lighting levels and offered a consistent reduction in energy consumption, even at high ambient temperatures. Philips Tango LED floodlights were installed in other outside areas and around all fuel tank areas, which offer more than 40% energy saving compared to conventional floodlighting without compromising lighting levels in these critical areas. In desalination and transformer areas, Philips had to ensure that any fittings would be unaffected by moisture and installed CoreLine Waterproof fixtures, while CoreLine recessed lights were built into the power station offices.

    Stephane Le Gentil, CEO of Etihad ESCO, stated that the results are “really quite impressive”, indicative of what Stephane calls “a win-win partnership”. Philips has already delivered, and continues to deliver “significant improvements to lighting and visual comfort” for the power stations. Philips committed to delivering results and the results are “really quite impressive”: Annual energy reduction of 14GWh, representing 68% savings in terms of consumption for lighting. “Additionally,” Stephane says, “these energy savings mean that 6000 tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided per year”.

    For Etihad ESCO and DEWA, this project has delivered exceptional energy savings without compromising on product or lighting quality. For Stephane, this power plant refurbishment in Dubai with Philips won’t be the last. It’s an incredibly important project that, he firmly believes, “will progress the vision of Dubai’s energy saving plan”, a plan that is being realized thanks to Philips’ world-class lighting products, planning and expertise.

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    CoreLine High-bay

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