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    Office lighting: introducing a



    Apator S.A office, Ostaszewo, Poland


    Find out how Apator S.A is going green with smart office lighting and automated blind controls.

    Lighting open office areas at Apator, Poland with Philips lighting solutions

    Our decision to choose an
    integrated Philips

    and Somfy system was based mostly on confirmed data showing how the technology could help us reduce our energy consumption costs. Although the system is highly advanced in terms of technology, it is easy and intuitive to use. What’s more, we’re fully satisfied with the lighting comfort and flexibility offered by the solution, which is suited to our needs. I must also say that with the professionalism of Philips and Somfy engineers, our cooperation during the implementation process was successful.”


    -Janusz Niedźwiecki, Management Board President of Apator S.A.

    Blind control system integrated with Somfy animeo IB and Philips Dynalite control system
    Relaxing atmosphere in the breakout areas of the office

    Customer challenge


    Following a rapid boom in business, Apator S.A found itself needing a bigger home. Relocating some of its key divisions to a new facility in Ostaszewo, the next step was to bring office technology up to speed with their modernized factory. Apator S.A recruited Philips to renovate their lighting systems and reduce energy consumption by 30%.

    The right lighting


    The folks at Apator S.A are no strangers to innovation. Their renowned engineers produce top-quality metering equipment, made almost exclusively from components the company has produced itself. After relocating to a 16,000 sq. foot facility, their new factory was equipped with a number of modern technology, automation and production process management solutions. Seeking to modernize their offices in a similar fashion, Apator asked Philips to help with a lighting solution.

    Ground-breaking light technology helped on two fronts. Firstly, energy-saving DayZone and PowerBalance fixtures were used to illuminate the office space, providing high-quality comfortable light with low power consumption. Next, a Philips Dynalite system was installed for total control of the lighting concept. This control setup, integrated with a Somfy animeo IB+ blind control system, maintains heat and light levels by sensing the amount of natural light entering the office from outside.  The system then adjusts the brightness of light fixtures and raises or lowers the blinds accordingly, so that air conditioning and artificial light is not used more than necessary.

    But the savings don’t stop there. Motion sensors in the rooms, which detect human presence, will dim and eventually switch off when nobody is around, eliminating energy wastage. This smart control system also allows users to manually alter the lights and blinds too. As a result of these improvements, the office space now has optimal visual and thermal comfort at all times, controlled by a user-friendly interface. Not only that, but Philips technology has helped Apator S.A to reach its energy consumption goals, reducing both operational costs and CO2 emissions.


    Improving sustainability has never been so easy. Thanks to daylight and motion sensors, Dynalite controls now ensure that lights are never switched on where they aren’t needed, eliminating energy wastage.

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