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    Making hospital  

    waits easier

    Greifswald Radiology, Rostock, Germany

    Find out how Greifswald Radiology Unit is making patients comfortable with light.


    Modern luminaires illuminate the reception at Greifswald Radiology

    Thanks to the
    innovative lighting

    solutions supplied by Philips, we have now been able to reduce perceived waiting time and, despite being a medical facility, produce a pleasant ambience."


    - Dr Lothar Sommer, Specialist Radiologist, Greifswald Radiology Unit


    girl holding a teddybear
    A hallway at Greifswald Radiology lit with Philips energy-efficient lighting

    Customer challenge


    Doctors Lothar Sommar and Holger Resch are modern medicine specialists. When they were opening a new practice in Rostock, the site needed a drastic overhaul. Could lighting help to modernize the practice and make the environment comfortable for patients and staff?

    The right lighting 

    With the majority of the unit’s visitors being cancer patients, it was important to create a relaxing atmosphere. The waiting room, diagnostic room, and treatment room are all places where anxieties and fears can surface, and the unit needed a turnkey solution that would make these areas more relaxing.


    Philips worked hand-in-hand with the doctors, bringing both lighting and medicine together in an integrated solution. DayZone LED recessed and DayWave LED pendulum luminaires were brought in. They create a comforting atmosphere, with glare-free illumination that is reminiscent of natural light. Large Luminous Surface panels were added to the walls, creating a distinctive ambience and reducing perceived waiting times with pleasant color displays.


    These panels also absorb echoes, which make the waiting room a more relaxed place, in contrast to more sterile environments. In the diagnosis room, the new systems were integrated with various light colors to relax patients. All of the systems can be controlled individually thanks to the energy-efficient lighting control systems, and the ambience can be adjusted to suit a range of situations.

    The energy-efficient lighting provides electricity savings of up to 80% compared with conventional solutions. The LED lights last for up to 50,000 hours, providing a long-term sustainable lighting concept.

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    Luminous Textile

    Walls that glow bright with color and light

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    Relaxing patients 
    with light

    The Team

    Greifswald Radiology Unit, Dr Lothar Sommer, Dr Holger Resch


    Philips Lighting, Armin Mross, Michael Janert

    Lighting consultant

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