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    Helping staff

    to stay focused

    Catharina hospital
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands


    Discover how patient care is being improved with healthcare lighting at Catharina hospital
    Medical examinations in Catharina Hospital - Philips Lighting

    We’re very happy with
    the result.

    All our customers compliment us on the lighting. We prefer when they compliment us on the food, but lighting is also good!"


    - Arthur Noordhoek, Lighting Project Manager, Eindhoven Council

    Medical examinations in Catharina Hospital - Philips Lighting

    Customer challenge

    Helping doctors work more quickly is no easy task. Patient care is critical to Catharina hospital, which means that delicate medical procedures must be carried out carefully. Seeking a way to improve staff productivity, Catharina hospital looked to light for a solution.
    Examination room at Catharina hospital, Eindhoven lit by Philips healthcare lighting

    The right lighting


    The Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven is a leading teaching hospital in the Netherlands. With approximately 30 specializations and 500,000 patient contacts per annum, it is a nerve center for expert medical care and comprehensive medical training. The hospital is constantly striving to give better person-centered care while simultaneously improving staff productivity. But with budgets under pressure, it needed a cost-effective solution.


    Philips lighting had the perfect prescription. Our Ambient Experience system was specifically designed to improve care, by minimizing patient stress and anxiety during procedures. The system works by giving the patient a sensory distraction to focus on using lighting, sound, and the projection of images. Patients can even personalize their experience by choosing a theme such as a beach, mountains or a strip comic.


    With the Ambient Experience concept in place, patients at the hospital feel happier, meaning procedures can be carried out more quickly. A healthy improvement for staff and patients alike.


    The Ambient Experience concept was tailored to meet the exact requirements of Catharina hospital. Facility setup, staff needs, and patient requirements were all taken into consideration during design and implementation.

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