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    A welcome distraction

    for child patients

    Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK  


    Find out how a new hospital lighting is helping to reduce anxiety at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK.

    Philips Lighting's Imagination Light Canvas at Birminghan Children's Hospital

    Over the 10 years
    that the EHE

    programme has been running, we have seen time and again that creating welcoming and calming environments makes a huge difference to the way we feel and to the healing process.”


    -Sarah Waller, Director, The King’s Fund EHE

    A child is distracted by Imagination Light Canvas of Philips Lighting shows no anxiety of hospitals at  Birminghan Children's Hospital
    A child is with Imagination Light Canvas by Philips Lighting

    Customer challenge


    The Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, UK, is a pioneer in people-centred care. For the last 10 years, it has participated in the King’s Fund ‘Enhancing the Healing Environment’ programme, which has shown that a welcoming and calming environment helps the healing process. But how could light help?

    A child is touching Imagination Light Canvas at Birminghan Children's Hospital

    The right lighting

    Prior to the renovations, the children’s renal unit was not a nice place to visit. It was situated in the lower storey of the hospital - a dark, drab and dull place. Some young patients were visiting the ward three or four times a week, an experience that could bring out a lot of worry and anxiety in them. It was clear that improving the environment could make a huge difference to their lives.

    Enhancing the ward was child’s play, thanks to a healthcare lighting innovation. As part of the renovations, Birmingham Children’s Hospital installed the ground-breaking ‘Imagination Light Canvas’, the first of its kind in the UK. This pioneering light wall, measuring 3 meters by 1.5 meters, is made up of 144 LED squares, which display vibrant colors. The outside of the wall was lit with iColor cove, which added a warming glow.

    Not only does the wall display pre-programmed animations, but children can touch, slide and pound on it to create enjoyable light shows. The wall is an immediately enjoyable distraction for youngsters who are attending treatment, or visiting family. Well-being in the ward has been improved, and thanks to the energy-efficient LEDs, the new fixture uses no more energy than a toaster.

    “The Imagination Light Canvas is a perfect example of how lighting can improve well-being and uplift people’s spirits. But, the ultimate seal of approval is seeing a child’s face light up when they first walk in – that’s what it’s really about after all.”


    -Peter Maskell, Chairman, Philips Electronics

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