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    Putting the spotlight on

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    Upside, Herstal,


    Discover how Upside is bringing a fresh look to its merchandise displays with innovative lighting

    Upside store Philips CDM Evolution

    CDM Evolution

    offers essential benefits for my store: an efficient bright and vivid light at acceptable costs, due to its high efficiency and long lifetime.”
    Upside store Philips CDM Evolution
    Upside store Philips CDM Evolution

    Customer challenge


    Upside is a truly spacious retail location. Spanning 4000m2, it stocks a range of 100 international clothing brands in its trendy loft-like interior. To give each brand its own unique identity, our MASTERColour CDM Evolution 35W/930 spotlights were used to create inspiring merchandise displays.

    Upside store Philips CDM Evolution

    The right lighting 


    Upside is committed to providing an extraordinary shopping experience. However, to bring its ‘shop-in-shop’ concept to life, Upside needed lighting that would give each independent brand its own identity. In addition, the lighting needed to be high quality, energy efficient, and easy to maintain despite the seven meter high ceiling.


    A lofty lighting concept was the answer., a Belgian lighting designer, chose our lights for the job. For both accent and general lighting, MASTERColour CDM Evolution 35W/930 spotlights were track mounted at a height of four meters. The positioning of the lighting allows for easy maintenance of the luminaires, and the high light output of CDM Evolution is bright enough to illuminate merchandise from a distance.


    The new lighting system has transformed the retail displays into a work of art. The excellent color rendering supplied by CDM Evolution accentuates the quality of clothing and catches the eye of passing customers. The focused beams of the spotlights allow the luminaires to be positioned in a different way for each clothing brand, giving a fresh feel to each individual area.


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