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    A powerful 

    Eral 55 -

    Milan, Italy


    The dynamic shop window lighting makes a powerful difference at the high-end fashion store with an increase of 11% in people stopping at the shop window.

    Eral 55 - Milan, Italy

    The shop

    is the business card of the store.”

    - Ermanno Lazzarin, owner Eral 55
    Eral 55 - Milan, Italy

    Customer challenge


    Located in one of Milan’s most popular shopping areas, Eral 55 is a high-end men’s fashion store that’s always keen on exploring innovative ways to evoke new emotions.

    The owner says “The shop window is the business card of the store” and believes that it should always reflect the store’s identity. In line with this belief, the team regularly changes the theme as well as its content.

    Eral 55 - Milan, Italy

    The right lighting

    “A shop window without movement is predictable”, says Lazzarin, “it doesn’t attract the eyes of the shoppers.” At Eral 55, the ultimate objective is that the content, the movements, and the colors in the shop window all work together perfectly to deliver just the right experience. And with the help of the right lighting, this experience can be enhanced even further.

    “Light is fundamental to me. I am convinced that the lights can change the scenarios,” says Lazzarin.

    On weekdays, dynamic lighting resulted in an 11% increase in people stopping at the shop windows compared to static lighting - demonstrating that dynamic lighting can differentiate stores and attract more customers. Moreover, it was found that significantly more people entered their store. Especially during weekdays and in the afternoon - a time of low foot traffic on the street - the application of dynamic lighting settings resulted in a 19% increase in number of people entering the store.

    PerfectScene dynamic window


    Using the dimming capabilities of LED lighting combined with a dynamic control system to catch the shoppers' eye.


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