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    LED Road Lighting:

    Beter light

    Less energy

    Sheikh Zayed Bridge,

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


    Better road light and visibility while consuming less energy with the LED lighting installation on the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi.


    Currently, we are upgrading the lighting specifications

    to implement the latest lighting technology. The lighting specifications are applicable to roadway/parking, tunnels/underpasses, lighting poles and public lighting management system for the the entire Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The lighting retrofitting of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge is the first project of many in which Abu Dhabi is working towards a more sustainable Emirate by installing LED energy efficient lighting.


    - Eng. Ahmed Saif Mohamed H. Al Saedi, O&M of Internal Road Street Lighting and Public

    Shiekh Zayed Bridge 4

    Customer challenge


    The lighting of the Sheikh Zayed bridge had become outdated and presented several problems, repairing reccuring faults and lamp replacement causing traffic disruption and road closures as well as large maintenance bills. In addition, the lighting was seen as inadequte, causing a safety issue. The major challenge was therefore to reduce maintenance and energy costs and to improve the light quality for safety.

    “The lighting solution for the baroque staircase was not straightforward,” explained podpod design.
    “The lighting solution for the baroque staircase was not straightforward,” explained podpod design.
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    The right lighting


    The chosen solution was the Philips Luma LED luminaire, installed on the existing poles at 14m height and therefore providing a simple, straightforward installation. A total of 186 Luma 1 LED luminaires were installed to achieve the required lighting levels and uniformity, and to meet all relevant lighting standards. The modular concept of REVOLED within Luma 1 allows for the lighting scheme to be easily set up to meet the precise lighting requirements, enabling energy savings to be maximized.


    The lighting upgrade from HPI to LED has reduced energy consumption by more than 72% compared with the previous installation, from 345,152 kWh/ year to 96,132 kWh/year – a massive annual carbon emission reduction of 133.7 tons towards Abu Dhabi’s sustainability target. In addition, the LED’s have a guaranteed service life time of 50,000 hours (around ten years) which means effectively that they last as long as the installation. There is therefore little or no need for repair or replacement, drastically reducing maintenance costs.


    Luma LED’s produce high-quality white light which improves visibility, a major contributor to road safety as it enables drivers to detect movement sooner and at a greater distance, giving them more time to stop. A spin-off benefit is provided by Luma’s constant lux circuit, which automatically increases LED current throughout LED life to compensate for lumen depreciation. This not only stabilizes light levels, but can save energy by avoiding over-lighting when the installation is new.

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    Luma – the vision is reality


    Luma is a REVOLED™ road-lighting luminaire with a clear design identity, offering a perfectly cooled, fit-and-forget sol...


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