Wall light

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    • Saving in style



      Wall light

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      A unique design for unique moments outdoor. This elegant anthracite Philips wall light casts warm white energy saving light. The beautiful bi-directional light effects invite you to settle down and relax in your garden. See all benefits


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    Saving in style

    • Ultra long bulb life

      Ultra long bulb life

      Philips bulb included with an ultra long bulb life, up to 20.000 hours.

    • Energy saving

      Energy saving

      This Philips light conserves energy compared to traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment.

    • Weather proof

      Weather proof

      This Philips outdoor lamp is especially designed for humid outdoor environments and has undergone rigorous tests to ensure its water resistance. The IP level is described by two figures: the first one refers to the protection level against dust, the second against water. This lamp is designed with IP44: it is protected against splashing water, this product is most common and ideal for general outdoor use.

    • Welcoming warm white light glow

      Welcoming warm white light glow

      Philips outdoor is a range of outdoor lamps that creates a beautifully warm welcoming light. The light color temperature is of 2700 Kelvin. It also provides plenty of light for clear visibility so that you can use your outside space however you like after hours, and relax knowing that it╞ll be safe and secure throughout the night.

    • Bi-directional light effect

      Bi-directional light effect

      Bi-directional light effect for general garden illumination.

    • Choose for contemporary style

      Designed in Europe, this lamp has a unique design signature to help you create a contemporary outdoor look.

    • Choose for outdoor wall lights

      Make the most of your outdoor space with this wall light, perfect to mount close to your front door or on your terrace walls.

    • Easy to set up for every application

      This lamp and the fittings are designed for a straightforward installation with all useful things that you need to get up and running included in the box, like a Torx key and Torx screw.You'll find clear guidance about where you can install the product and relevant information about water-resistant IP ratings.

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