Wall light

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      Wall light

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      This modern Philips grey outdoor wall light with motion sensor transforms your garden into an inviting place. It provides warm white energy-saving light, ideal for lighting the entrance. Even at night your garden feels cozy and welcoming. See all benefits


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    Saving in style

    • Ultra long bulb life

      Ultra long bulb life

      Philips bulb included with an ultra long bulb life, up to 20.000 hours.

    • Energy saving

      Energy saving

      This Philips light conserves energy compared to traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment.

    • Welcoming & reassuring light

      Welcoming & reassuring light

      The motion sensor switches on automatically when you come home and informs you when someone arrives.

    • Welcoming warm white light glow

      Welcoming warm white light glow

      Philips outdoor is a range of outdoor lamps that creates a beautifully warm welcoming light. The light color temperature is of 2700 Kelvin. It also provides plenty of light for clear visibility so that you can use your outside space however you like after hours, and relax knowing that it╞ll be safe and secure throughout the night.

    • Eye for detail, made with premium and elegant materials

      Eye for detail, made with premium and elegant materials

      Each piece is constructed from high quality components and hard-wearing materials like die-cast aluminium and stainless steel.

    • IP 44, designed for outdoor use

      IP 44, designed for outdoor use

      IP44 protection means it's designed for outdoor use, so you can be sure outdoor lights will brighten up your garden come rain, shine or snow.

    • High quality aluminum and superior synthetics

      This Philips lamp is made specifically for outdoor spaces. It's hard-wearing and built to last, so it will light up your garden night after night. It's constructed from high quality die-cast aluminum and superior synthetics.

    • Stylish contemporary designs for your garden

      The contemporary designs by Philips are stylish but understated, beautiful by day or night without overwhelming your garden or terrace. There╞s a full range of lights to choose from, so there╞s bound to be one to match your outside space and taste.

    • A full range of available applications

      Ideal outdoor lighting for a garden, terrace, pathway or balcony, Philips outdoor╞s wall, post, pedestal and ceiling lights create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere when the sun goes down, as well as providing the reassurance of being able to see safely after dark.

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