Indirect light

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    • Color your world with light


      Indirect light

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      The LightStrips Essential add a colorful touch of light to your interior. Use them to decorate your home with light. With the included color control switch, it all becomes so easy to use. See all benefits


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    Color your world with light

    • Choose among 7 colors including white

      Choose among 7 colors including white

      Choose your favorite color out of the 7 different colors including white.

    • Diffused light effect

      Diffused light effect

      All the different colors blend naturally into your interior thanks to the diffused light effect with an output of 90 lumen/meter.

    • Cut to size

      Cut to size

      If your LightStrips do not exactly fit the required application, you can easily cut them to size. Cutting marks on the product indicate where to cut.

    • Easy to mount with adhesive tape

      Easy to mount with adhesive tape

      Paste the LightStrips wherever you like thanks to the integrated high quality adhesive strip on the backside.

    • Safe LED technology

      Safe LED technology

      The LightStrips are safe to touch and use without the risk of open electricity.

    • Automatic color changing mode

      To activate the color loop mode, simply flip through the colors by pressing the color change button. Colors will be displayed in the following order: red, green, blue, light green, light blue, purple, white and finally the color loop mode.

    • Plug & Play: easy installation

      The LightStrips are very easy to install and guarantee immediate fun thanks to the plug & play principle. Everything you need is already included in the box and explained in the Quick Start Guide.

    • Easy-to-use control switch

      The control switch allows you to switch the LightStrips on and off. With the color change button you can also choose 1 of the available 7 colors or simply put the LightStrips on auto color changing mode.

    • Protective silicon layer

      Enhanced protection for electrical parts against dust and moisture, even during cleaning.

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