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    LED lighting solution

    for Sunset development

    Sunset mixed development, 
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    About halfway between Dubai city center and the Palm Jumeirah islands, the Sunset mixed development combines a shopping center, commercial offices and residential apartments. Philips Lighting provided LED lighting for the Sunset mixed development project.

    Sunset development overview

    The architecture is
    very simple,

    clean, minimalist and modern. It was very important for the architect that the lighting design responded to that as part of our brief.”

    - Mary Rushton-Beales, Managing Director, Lighting Design House

    sunset mall

    Customer challenge


    About halfway between Dubai city center and the Palm Jumeirah islands, the Sunset mixed development combines a shopping center, commercial offices and residential apartments. Arkiteknik International Consulting Engineers from Dubai designed its architecture. Along the Jumeirah Beach Road, the mall façade of 200 meters long uses glass. “The architecture of Sunset is open to capitalise on natural light and the panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf” says Francois Faure, Executive Director of Dubai Investment Properties. “We used transparent glass, specifically designed to divert heat, thus reducing the load on the air conditioners and help conserve energy.”


    The right lighting


    The crown of the mall façade wings are up lighted in blue LEDline2. It’s created an indirect lighting effect on the linear sloping roof. Above the main entrance hall, the cornice is highlighted with two lines of iColor Accent Powercore. “The luminescent lines defining the center details are capable of being programmed with different blues reminiscent of the variety of shades of blue in the sea, according to the time of day and the viewing angles, a good example of subtlety advising the architecture” premises Mary Rushton-Beales.

    Working in different locations in the United Kingdom, delivery of this lighting design project was a team effort “James developed the concept work and the drawings and I managed the design development and liaison with the client and the architects and engineers in Dubai” explains Rushton-Beales. “We have a lot of work in Dubai so as a team we are used to working in the Middle East, Mary would take a round trip there meet the Jumeirah team and others and discuss fine-tuning and details.” continues Poore. “Mary is based in our London office whereas I work out of a satellite office in Winchester.


    We have been working remotely for several years and use “local cloud” technology and online meetings to facilitate this. Utilizing this technology we can look at the same computer screen and talk on the same conference call number. After many meeting the finally realized project is very close to our original design. We are very pleased with the final result” concludes Poore.

    • LEDline² BCS710/713/716/719/722
      LEDline² BCS710/713/716/719/722
      LEDline² is a high-performance linear grazing light creating color-changing effects and seamless curtains of light. Available in a wide range of colors, optics and forms the linear...
    • iPlayer3
      iPlayer 3 is a DMX lighting controller that is able to store and play custom-authored or pre-programmed light shows. The iPlayer can control up to two full DMX universes or 340 ind...

    Philips LED
    lighting for Sunset

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    The customer

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    James Poore, Mary Rushton-Beales

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