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    Valencia, Spain

    Bershka joins forces with Philips for a lighting solution to enable them to obtain the maximum score on the accreditation for LEED and become its eco-sustainable flagship store in Valencia.
    Bershka - Valencia, Spain

    Our challenge was to get

    an efficient

    LED lighting in the six-meters high ceilings, right color reproduction and to achieve the LEED green building certification."


    - Jose Luis Muñoz Lopez - Project manager at Bershka (Inditex)

    Bershka - Valencia, Spain
    Bershka - Valencia, Spain

    Customer Challenge


    The main challenge was lighting the wide open spaces with six-meter high ceilings with 100% LED. On top of that the requirements set by the USGBC for the LEED Platinum accreditation: reduced consumption supported by the control systems of lighting, a color rendering index greater than 80, correct adjustment of quantity and quality in lighting and luminaire above 24,000 hours of life.

    Bershka - Valencia, Spain

    The right lighting


    Philips designed a custom solution that adapt to the system of Bershka, in which outbreaks are inserted in a lighting rails placed in the ceiling, so that they are fully integrated into the store and also met all the necessary requirements to obtain the highest score in the section on lighting certification LEED. In addition, lighting control systems were installed by presence in the areas of warehouse and supply of natural light in the windows, reducing total power consumption by about 40%.

    To finish off its flagship store, Bershka didn’t want to leave without mentioning the facade of the building, classified within the Valencian neoclassicism from the end of the 19th century. “The details in the illumination are to make them have the difference between a flagship store and the other that it is not. In this case, the facade is lit with a system of dynamic lighting that plays with different shades of white.

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