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        Product family information

        The ArenaVision MVF404 floodlight – designed for outdoor sports stadiums – dramatically increases the theatrical and emotional impact of sports for TV audiences and spectators, while allowing the players to perform under optimal visual conditions. Thanks to the innovative Philips MHN-SE 2000 W high-output compact single-ended metal-halide lamp and high-tech single-piece precision optics, ArenaVision MVF404 offers much higher optical efficiency than ever before. In addition, this 2 kW floodlight boasts easy lamp fitting and replacement, full IP65 compliance, safety knife connector system and a breakthrough electronic hot-restrike solution – while continuing to deliver all the traditional benefits of Philips ArenaVision systems. The (optional) flicker-free version of ArenaVision MVF404 is designed to ensure that the flicker effect is fully eliminated in order to guarantee perfect images filmed with super-slow-motion cameras at sports events. The flicker-free version of ArenaVision MVF404 comes equipped with a special electronic ignitor, which works in combination with Philips' flicker-free electronic-ballast GearUnits (ECM330), to be ordered separately.


        Innovative floodlight with Philips' compact single-ended lamp; dedicated optics ensure maximum optical efficiency and enable accurate light distribution with a minimum of spill light
        Quartz metal halide lamp meets the most demanding lighting and TV broadcast requirements with excellent color rendering
        The flicker-free version completely eliminates flicker effect, thereby guaranteeing perfect images filmed with super-slow-motion cameras


        High-output compact single-ended metal-halide lamp with excellent color rendering
        Dedicated precision optics
        Safety knife connector system
        Electronic hot-restrike
        Flicker-free light version for super-slow-motion cameras


        Outdoor sport stadiums
        Product family details
        • MVF404
        Light source
        • HID:
        • 1 x MASTER MHN-SE HO / GX22-HR / 2000 W
        Lamp included
        • Yes (light color 956)
        • Beam category B1 (B1)
        • Beam category B2 (B2)
        • Beam category B3 (B3)
        • Beam category B4 (B4)
        • Beam category B5 (B5)
        • Beam category B6 (B6)
        • Beam category B7 (B7)
        • Beam category B8 (B8)
        Optical cover
        • Front-glass for downlighting (DOWN) and uplighting versions (UP)
        • Series (SI / ESI), integral
        • Hot-restrike (HRE), integral
        • Aiming memory (AM) to safeguard the original aiming position of the luminaire during servicing
        • Hot re-strike versions enabling immediate restoration of lighting after power supply failure (not available for flicker-free version)
        • Uplighting versions available for architectural lighting
        • Special cable sleeve version for tropical regions
        Materials and finishing
        • Housing and rear cover: non-corrosive, high-pressure die-cast aluminum
        • Glass: chemically toughened, 3 mm thick (for downlighting versions), ceramic 3 mm thick (for uplighting versions)
        • Mounting bracket: zinc nickel treated
        • Clips: stainless steel (to secure the back cover)
        • Reflector: anodized and brightened 99.99% aluminum
        • Finishing in raw aluminum
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