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Lighting systems:

the power of control

Exactly the right 
illumination experiences

Lighting systems from Philips help people feel comfortable, productive, and safe. They beautify spaces and transform environments. Our lighting systems combine world-class traditional and LED luminaires with analog and digital controls that let you to deliver exactly the right illumination experiences, whenever and wherever you need them.


As leaders in the LED technology revolution, we create lighting systems that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction. We focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance your brand, encourage social interactions, and revitalize communities.


At Philips, we have the deep expertise and range of systems to transform your goals into effective lighting applications. You can count on us to understand your goals, and to help you specify and execute flawless solutions that ensure the ideal lighting for your specific lighting needs.

The BCP building illuminated by Philips Lighting
save energy

Save energy  

with LED-based systems and controls


reduce costs

Reduce costs  

Use highly energy-efficient lighting, only when and where it’s needed
adjust ambience

Adjust ambience  

Influence mood, create the best customer experience


soothe and energize

Soothe and energize

Create an enhanced healing environment, make people feel at home
enchance your brand

Enhance your brand  

Gorgeous lighting has the power to make your brand sparkle
transform environments

Transform environments

with dynamic, controllable color, white, and full-spectrum light
Create spectacle

Create spectacle  

Astonish and surprise with large-scale, color-changing light shows
support productivity

Support productivity

Boost vitality, promote well-being, and improve performance with light
beautify cities

Beautify cities  

Beautifully illuminate facades, monuments, bridges, and roads
streamline operations

Streamline operations

Timeline- and rules-based schedules adjust light levels and change scenes automatically  

Lighting systems  =
luminaires + control + services


What makes a lighting system? At a minimum, lighting systems consist of luminaires, some form of control, and services.


Choose from thousands of professional conventional and LED luminaires from Philips, for the full range of lighting applications

See our complete portfolio of conventional and LED luminaires


Get the exact illumination experiences you need with our full range of analog and digital control solutions. From keypads, touchscreens, and sensors to sophisticated control systems capable of individually controlling tens of thousands of light points, Philips has it all.

See our complete portfolio of lighting controls


Our services help you every step of the way to specify, install, commission, and operate your lighting systems.

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Choosing the system that’s right for you

No one-size-fits all offerings

Specifying Philips lighting systems begins with you—your business, your organization, your goals.


Philips systems experts work with you to identify the specific system capabilities that you need, then help you design a system that serves those needs—now and in the future, as your business evolves and changes.


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Designing your lighting system

luminaires + controls + services + support

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